How To Meet Your Writing Goals (without losing your sanity)

We’ve all been there.

One moment, we’re typing away on our WIP. The next, we’re frozen. Terrified of what this really means.

What happens next?

Can I really finish this book?

How do I know this is really what I want?

You can’t do everything at once. 

Take your large goals and break them into manageable portions. Many writers swear their quarterly goals are the reason they’re able to reach their accomplishments.

What looks like an overwhelming goal becomes possible when divided into a dozen smaller tasks.

And to do so, you must. . . .

Decide what matters now.

What is the first step you need to take to further your writing/writing career? Creating a world website? Setting up your mailing list? Choose one and focus on tiny goals throughout the week: find your target audience, perfect your story blurb, gain fifty followers by [date], create a reader magnet.

By creating and conquering mini goals, you free up the rest of your time to focus on your writing.

Which is, after all, the most important part of your schedule.

“But what if I only have a few minutes to write?” you protest. “Is it even worth trying?”

I’m glad you asked.

Find time to write in any schedule.

I work full time (and I’m a new mom!), but I write at least 2,000 words a day, without taking time away from my family.


leans close and whispers

Word sprints.

Because, let’s face us, very few of us are able to write full time, no matter how much we’d like to. We all have responsibilities, things that drag us away from the page.

Our only solution is to make the best of the tiny amounts of time available to us.

I snatch at fragments of time to accomplish my day’s writing goals. Waiting for supper to cook? I set a ten minute timer and challenge myself to write as much as I can in that space.

Just ten minutes, I tell myself. And then you can do whatever you want.

And so I keep tricking myself.

Ten minutes of sprinting here and ten minutes there and soon I’ve reached my day’s goal.

The important thing? Know where your story is going so you don’t freeze mid-sprint. Think about your story during the day and let the gears click into place while you’re at work/taking care of other responsibilities.

Then steal ten minutes to write out the scene playing in your head.

[Download your Daily Sprint sheet here]

Remember what’s important.

You started writing for a reason. You have a gift for words, despite how it feels on the days when you’re exhausted and struggling.

Remind yourself that you’re a writer — no matter what.

You’re a writer and your stories matter.

Your readers need you.

Just keep reaching for your goals step by step.

it will take you farther than you dreamed.









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  1. I can attest to how well word sprints work! Even just five minutes of sprinting helps and it adds up a lot faster than hemming and hawing over everything you’re writing for thirty minutes.

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