Find Your Story + Downloadable Tip Sheet

What inspires you?

What gets your creative juices flowing? Superheroes? Fairy tales? Romance? Political intrigue? Decide on that core subject. Mix several genres, if you’re feeling bold. Writing in a genre you love will keep you going when you reach the badlands of writer’s block.

Mix things up.

So you have an idea what type of story you want to write. Now comes the fun part: research. Choose several books from your chosen genre and study them. What are the common tropes? What do readers expect? Take those tropes and give them a fresh twist. Mix familiar elements with the unexpected.

Make your characters vulnerable.

What makes people interesting? Their secrets. Fears. Phobias. Quirks. In other words, the things that make us different and vulnerable.
Dive deep into the things your characters want to hide. Weave hints of their past into their personality. Discover why they are the way they are — and use it against them.
A vulnerable character is one we all can root for.

Do what works for you.

Not a plotter? Give yourself permission to just jump into the story. Not a pantser? Outline, plan, and dream to your heart’s content. Each writer is different and we approach the writing process in different ways. Forcing yourself to follow a writing process that is not you will only hold you back.

Remember: it’s only the first draft. 

Stop adding pressure. Give yourself room to explore and test ideas within the draft. This is the first draft, not a finished, publishable product. You’re allowed to make mistakes.


Finding Your Story


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