How To Reach Your Writing Goals NOW (rather than later)

1. Plan out your dreams. Is this the year you decide to self-publish? Or maybe the year you start pitching your book to agents? Either way, you will be swamped with an unending to-do list. A writing planner can help you keep track and set goals, so you won’t lose valuable time. (I love The Ultimate Authorship Planner by Audrey Hughey because it includes everything I need, from tracking my word count to planning social media to monthly sales goals.)

2. Get feedback from industry professionals. The publishing world can be difficult to break into. Writer’s conferences give you the needed step forward, granting you access to agents and authors who can help. You can get your book into an agent’s hands and save yourself years of querying. (Can’t afford a writer’s conference? So You Want To Write offers one on one consultations with literary agents, at much lower price than a conference.)

3. Take time for you. I go for days on a sort of writing high, where I write until the words drain away. The after effects of writing is that it’s easy for your brain (and your body) to become exhausted, shutting away all creativity and leaving you staring at a blank page. Schedule time for procrastination and let your brain relax and rejuvenate. Chances are you can say goodbye to writer’s block forever.

So there you are: three tips to reach your writing goals now. What are your goals for 2019 and how do you plan to reach them? Share in the comments!



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