Tip Tuesday: Dare To Dream

If you’re like me, you’ve found yourself saying no to your dreams. Dismissing them as “too far-fetched” or “impossible.”

When, in reality, dreams are the very thing that push us forward.

We have become used to hearing no. Have closed ourselves into the safe little bubble of what we can do, where we’re protected and there is little chance of failure.

Finding success means stepping out of that bubble.

And climbing the stairway of our fears.

Fighting past everything to reach our dreams.

Our books will never reach readers if we never put ourselves out there. And yet, for many writers, being in the public eye — or attempting to do so, which is a nightmare in itself— signals the end of the dream. We tell ourselves we can’t do it, that people will be unkind, that maybe our writing shouldn’t be shared after all.

In reality?

We’re simply terrified of stepping out of our comfort zone.

Dreams are possible, friend.

And I want you to chase them.

Comfort Zone

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