Writers Tell All: More Writing Myths We Hate

“‘You must write what is popular to succeed.’ This one….ugh! It gets me every time. Popular trends are trends and trends fade out. Real passion stands the test of time.”  —K.B. Cox

“That. This. Is. Easy!!!” — Justin Edison

“Write what you know. Pffff…there’d be no fantasy or sci-fi if that was true!” — Jacqui Greaves

“That you need to write every day. That causes anxiety, resentment of projects, and burnout.” —Courtney Privett

“That we always have some underlying theme or lesson in our stories. Not every story has to run that deep. Sometimes the red curtains are just red curtains.” —Austin Wiggins

“Show, don’t tell. Truth: What you need to understand is WHEN to show and WHEN to tell.” —Tammy Bird

“That it’s only a hobby and never can be a real job. I know it’s pretty risky, but as a kid it was devastating to hear that every time I told someone I want to become a writer when I grow up.” —Summer Storm 

“That it’s one of the easiest jobs. The thought of something being wrong in my articles despite my hours of research sends chills down my spine.” —-Kirstie Landry

“One I hate the most is the idea that just by writing a good book you’ll end up with a best seller. Best sellers come from selling and often that means the writer needs to be a big part of that.” —Cygnet Brown

“Writers are all tortured artists.” —Quinn W. Buckland

“That female writers must choose between writing and children. That motherhood is too domestic and takes away from instead of adding to the quality of your work. What century is this?” —Hannah J. Fritz

“‘I never have time.’ I work two jobs and I’m still writing. Make time, don’t find it.” —John Richards

“What I hate is that most of the world thinks writing isn’t a real job and looks down on you for it. Not everyone does, but sometimes it feels that everyone does.” —Michael Gnizak

“That you should always finish your 1st draft in 3 months or less or it’ll never get finished. Utter load of garbage. I did mine in 6 and it still got done.” —Zile Elliven

“‘Writing is easy! Once you have an idea, it just falls out on to the page.’ Ugh, I wish!” —Eve Green

“That genre fiction is any less meaningful or deserving of critical analysis. Science fiction and fantasy books have been more thought provoking than anything in my education’s literary curriculum.” —Mark J. Schultis

“That to be a successful writer, you have to be a reclusive weirdo with no social skills. How does that even make sense?” —Jac Holmes

What are some writing myths you hate? Share in the comments!


5 thoughts on “Writers Tell All: More Writing Myths We Hate

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  1. Oh, mannnn. These are TOO real. I was sitting here, like a bobble head! I especially appreciated Courtney’s point about “writing every day.”

    I know it’s good for continuity to write every day…but sometimes it just can’t happen.


  2. that writing is hard and very difficult. for me, writing comes very easily, it’s everything else that’s hard. writing a first draft is the easiest part for me. i love that one about the anti social weirdo being successful, as i’m the anti social weirdo who is far from being successful. if only!!

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