Tip Tuesday: Remember To Live

  Exhaustion can shut down our creativity. Schedule breaks to take a short walk, take a nap, read, eat snacks, whatever relaxes you. Our brains need time to process. And, most of all, we need time away from writing to refresh our creativity. It's impossible to write accurately about life without experiencing it. Don't be... Continue Reading →

Writers Tell All: More Writing Myths We Hate

"'You must write what is popular to succeed.' This one....ugh! It gets me every time. Popular trends are trends¬†and trends fade out. Real passion stands the test of time." ¬†---K.B. Cox "That. This. Is. Easy!!!" --- Justin Edison "Write what you know. Pffff...there'd be no fantasy or sci-fi if that was true!" --- Jacqui Greaves... Continue Reading →

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