How Well Do You Know Your Writer? Take The Quiz!

Your writer asks for some alone time. You:

A. Strike up a conversation. That should cheer them up.

B. Leave the room, but talk very loudly outside the door.

C. Give them space.

D. Give them space. . .for ten minutes. After all, they probably changed their mind by now.


You find your writer crying over her laptop. She tells you she just killed her favorite character. You:

A. Tell her to bring her character back to life. Easy fix, right?

B. Tell her to delete the scene.

C. Surprise her with a new book and a box of chocolate to ease the pain.

D. Laugh. It’s not like she doesn’t have other characters.


Your writer is staring out the window. You: 

A. Sit down and start telling them about your day, including every detail from the morning’s traffic jam.

B. Turn on the TV and up the volume. You don’t want them to be lonely.

C. Wait until they notice you before asking if they want to talk.

D. Ask when supper will be ready.


You walk in to find your writer shaking and crying at their desk. They tell you they’re so close to finishing that they’ve decided to pull an all nighter. You:

A. Maybe they’re just excited, but it’s weird. You try to talk them out of it.

B. Tell them you’ll sit beside them so you can read along while they write.

C. Make them a fresh cup of coffee and ask them to keep you updated so you can celebrate together.

D. Turn off their computer. Their health is more important than this writing nonsense.


Your writer tells you their writing isn’t good enough. You:

A. Change the subject.

B. Sit down with their manuscript so you can help them find all their mistakes.

C. Suggest they get feedback from other writers.

D. Agree. It’s better for them to know now.


And. . .the test results are in!

A: You mean well, but you’re confused by writer’s complexities.

B: You’re lonely and you aren’t sure how to cope with your writer’s other life. Explain how you feel and ask your writer to set aside time to spend with you.

C: You’re a noble supporter.

D: You’re sometimes too blunt and hasty. Take a little time to consider how your writer views things.

The care and keeping of a writer_-if you see me wr

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