10 Myths Your Characters Believe

I sat down with your characters for a little heart-to-heart this weekend. Over endless cups of coffee (we connected instantly), your characters spilled a secret: they don’t fully understand you or the story world they inhabit.

Here are 10 myths your characters believe.

Myth 10: Survival is an option. I mean, I survived this far, right? Nothing bad happens near the ending.

Truth: All the bad things happen near the ending.

Myth 9: The antagonist can be defeated. After all, the author can do anything. They can eliminate the antagonist if they really want to.

Truth: The author can do only what the story allows. Also, the antagonist is fun to write. So, staying.

Myth 8: True love always wins.

Truth: Nope. You end up with whoever the author decides. Depends which character they’re currently crushing on.

Myth 7: I am the Chosen One.

Truth: Bwahaha. If only things were that convenient.

Myth 6: Writing is easy, right? If I don’t like this scene they put me in, the author will be glad to fix it.

Truth: Writing is like pulling teeth; rewriting is even worse.  The author will put off rewriting a scene as long as possible.

Myth 5: No matter how dark the story becomes, I’m guaranteed to win in the end.

Truth: Maybe if the author wanted to write a predictable story, then, yes. In this case… well, you’ll find out eventually. 😉

Myth 4: My author knows everything about me.

Truth: If only. No matter how many questions the author asks the characters, there are always surprises. Like when the protagonist reveals their past alliance with the antagonist. Or when a secondary character admits they hate the protagonist. Little things that can change the entire story.

Myth 3: My author will give me the skills I need.

Truth: Oh, oh, oh, you are a lazy character. You expect skills without training? Your author has some surprises in store for you.

Myth 2: I must stay on my best behavior. Impress my author.

Truth: Your author wants you to act up. Show us what’s the worst you can do. It makes the story interesting.

Myth 1: My author has so many books and so many characters. I’m afraid one day s/he’ll forget about me.

Truth: Your author will always love you.


What are some myths your characters believe? Share in the comments!

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