You know you’re editing when. . . .

This is it. You’ve spent the last 291 weeks of your life writing this book and now it’s finally finished.

Except. . .

[dread silence]

For. . .

The edits.

Here’s how to know you’re trapped in the realm of Endless Edits:


-You find yourself writing random fan fiction pieces about your own characters.

-You wake up in the middle of the night, sweating, because of a grammatically-incorrect nightmare.

-You’ve been locked away so long, your family no longer remembers your name.

-Coffee no longer inspires you to write. You drink it to survive another hour.

-You realize you are the Smaug of words and decide to heap them in a pile around you and sleep for two centuries.

-Every time you finish a page, you escape to dance in the sun.

-You wonder if there’s a recycling program for unneeded words.

-Sometimes you remember to eat. But only on the good days.

-It isn’t until you’re on the last page that you remember why you started writing in the first place: you have to write or die. So far, you’ve succeeded only at the dying part.

-Your writing friends send you sympathy cards and keep you in their thoughts from afar.

-The carefully coded scribbles that cover the pages become a random display of alphabet soup.

-Sometimes you look up from your laptop and smile when you remember what sanity felt like.


The editing process. . .love it or hate it? Share in the comments!


3 thoughts on “You know you’re editing when. . . .

Add yours

  1. This: “You realize you are the Smaug of words and decide to heap them in a pile around you and sleep for two centuries.”

    It’s funny how when you know you have to edit that suddenly things that haven’t been prioritized for months suddenly seem SO important. I have to spring clean, right now. Oh, wait. I never spring clean. *facepalm*

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