Writing Myths We Wish You Wouldn’t Believe

When you hear something often enough, you begin to believe it. That you aren’t good enough to be a writer. That there’s no way you can break into traditional publishing.

It’s all part of the writer’s world myth.

As writers, we wish you would stop believing. . .

That you should write to your audience. That drives me crazy. I write my books for me. I choose to share some of my writing with the world. This is my creation. I will craft my books exactly the way I want them. My author life has never been about gaining popularity or money.  –Leanna Mae

That the first draft is the finished product. Whenever I say I am done with a book I get, “Can I read it?” Nope. Not for about another 6 months, after I basically rewrite the entire thing. –Adam Colden

That you must do an outline to have a well structured manuscript. –Tabatha Bell

That if you publish something you must therefore immediately be rich/famous. –Lindsey Richardson

The myth I hear from a lot of people who don’t write: “oh, you are writer? I want to write a book too. The story is all in my head already.” Awesome. That’s like what– 1% of writing a book? –A. K. Amherst

That it must be SO FUN to be a writer. There are moments of euphoria, true. But those moments are super rare. Most of the time there is a frustration and insecurity bordering on mind-numbing. Yeah, that’s so FUN. –Catherine Adel West

That it’s a hobby. — J. L. Young

I wish people would stop believing that you have to have a large audience to be a successful writer! Write what you want to read. There will always be an audience for it, no matter how big or small. Write what brings you joy. –Liz Weir

That you should be constantly inspired, and happy, and passionate when crafting . Sometimes it’s a grind, or frustrating; it’s hard work and can take all my energy just to get going . I wouldn’t want to do anything else, and I feel fulfilled, but holy cow do I get frustrated. –T. A. Norman

That if you sit down to write you can be expected to get X word count out. Sometimes you can get lots, but some scenes take a lot of time for little progress. –Brayden Bechtold


What are some writing myths you wish people would stop believing?



6 thoughts on “Writing Myths We Wish You Wouldn’t Believe

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  1. Ooof. What a good post! I had to smile at a few of these because yes, so much yes.

    When I started writing, I always wished that people would take my writing dream seriously. When I started to take it seriously and put the investment in, people started to take it seriously too. I guess the writing myth there is not to believe that other people make your writing dream a serious thing.

    The assumption that because I like to write that I’m going to be the best at all word games. For me, this is untrue. All the words in my head tangle and are unhelpful in word games.

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      1. As will yours!

        I think the fun of it all is that we’ll continue to learn more writing myths. And sometimes, some myths won’t necessarily be myths for us all. After all, I think writing with my audience in mind (maybe even “for” them) isn’t necessarily bad advice.

        Hahah. I’m SO glad I’m not the only writer who struggles with word games!

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