Ten Ways To Remain Productive During The Holidays

Tired of your writing time being stolen away during the holidays? Afraid you’ll lose your sanity if you tackle one more project? Do you cry when you check your overflowing schedule?

I get it. The holidays are the busiest time of the year. But there are still ways to squeeze in writing time:

Write before you start your day, even if it’s only for ten minutes. This way your story is fresh on your mind, and your subconscious can wrestle with ideas while you’re away from the laptop. Besides, who doesn’t want an excuse to write in bed?

Disappear from social media. I took the extreme course and removed Facebook from my phone to keep myself from mindlessly scrolling. If you still need your internet fix, set a timer for the time you allow yourself online. Remember, your writing is far more important than reading every post about Aunt Maude’s new tree.

Voice dictation apps are your friend. Stuck in line at the mall? Trapped in traffic? An app like Speechnotes lets you finish your scene simply by speaking into your phone. I’ve finished pages of work in a mere twenty minute drive.

Set your priorities. What do you need finished and when? Make a daily goal and set it in your schedule. Sure, you won’t reach that goal every day, but you’ve accomplished something.

If you work a day job, write on your breaks. Yes, I know you’re tired, but there’s nothing like a writing session to perk you up. Set a timer –5 minutes, 10, 15– and plunge into it. You may only have a few minutes before going back to work, but you’ll be amazed by how much you accomplish.

Keep your laptop –or writing device of choice— handy. Have a few minutes before pulling the cookies out of the oven? Write at the kitchen table.

Whether you’re at a family visit or a party with friends, keep a notebook on hand. You never know when someone’s off-the-wall statements may inspire an idea.

Be honest. Tell your spouse/family what you really want for Christmas: writing time. A coupon for an hour of alone time is priceless.

If possible, prep for things the night before, so you will have free time in the mornings.

Most of all, remember why you write. Remind yourself of your goals. Imagine how proud you’ll be of yourself when this book is finished. Keep yourself motivated and keep the story alive in your heart.

How do you find time to write during the holidays? Comment below!




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