What Kind Of Writer Are You? Take The Quiz!

You spot a bookstore on your way to the grocery store. You…

(A)  Scout out the place and decide to return later when you have more time to browse

(B) Drive on. You don’t need more books, anyway

(C) Spend all your grocery money on books

(D) Apply for a new credit card so you won’t have to leave any books behind.

You have a fifteen minute break before returning to work. You…

(A) Doodle character names over a napkin before deciding none of them work

(B) Watch sports, of course. There will be time to write when you get home

(C) Covertly spy on your co-workers for future character studies

(D) Use your phone or laptop to write the scene that’s haunted you all morning.

Someone catches you talking out loud to one of your characters. You…

(A) Ask them to step back until you’re finished arguing with the character

(B)  Tell them you’re talking to your grandmother via Bluetooth and you’re not weird at all

(C) Explain that you’re a writer and then run for it

(D) Hand them a notebook while you dictate.

You’ve been working on a scene for an hour when you realize it just doesn’t belong in your WIP. You…

(A)  Save the scene into a separate file. It may come in handy later on

(B) Trash the entire scene. It just wasn’t meant to be

(C) Peruse the scene for snippets that still fit the story

(D) Step away from the scene and drink coffee until the world becomes clearer.

You’ve finally entered the “writing zone” when your kid/roommate/other starts talking. You…

(A) Firmly but politely ask if this conversation can wait

(B) Put away your laptop. Obviously writing isn’t going to happen now

(C) Break down in hysterical weeping because the perfect sentence was right on your fingertips and now you’ve lost it forever

(D) Pretend sudden deafness and keep typing.

And the results are. . .

Mostly A’s: You take things slow and careful. It may take longer for you to finish a book, but the end result is worth it.

Mostly B’s: No offense, but you may need to step up the game. Awesome as your book is, it won’t write itself.

Mostly C’s: You are powered by imagination, and work best when inspired. You know when to step away so you can refresh your muse.

Mostly D’s: You’re logical and think well under pressure. Your books are completed through dedication and hard work.


What kind of writer are you? Feel free to share your results. 🙂






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