10 Reasons Why Your Antagonist Loves You

  1.  You paint me larger than life. Who is the reader supposed to fear? ME. Who has the power to change the outcome of a book? ME.
    I’m the most powerful character in the book. Listen to me roar.

    2. Free publicity. You generally set up the stage before I make my appearance. The reader knows in advance that I’m a creeper, sometimes by my name alone. I don’t need much action to hype up on their fears.

    3. The protagonist generally is weak. Let’s be honest– they have all these emotional problems and characters arcs and whatever else you’re putting them through. Anything I do is just the icing on the cake.

    4. The entire book is a build-up to my grand finale. In a way, this is my hero moment.

    5. You make things conveniently easy. You put the protagonist in the right place at the right time. Alienate their friends. You’ve done all the work to make them vulnerable.
    This should be an easy kill.

    6. The more often I misbehave, the more you put me on stage. Admit it— I make things interesting, don’t I?

    7. You want your character tormented. I want your character tormented. It’s a win-win.

    8. I keep your readers up at night. They compulsively check their door’s lock, refuse to go out in the dark, and jump at the slightest noise. I love the power that comes from controlling their lives.

    9. Life was pretty boring before I met you. Have you ever tried living in a mash of unformed words and empty pages? I was an unhappy alphabet soup. And then… you unleashed my power. And my evil.

    10. If I’m evil enough, there’s a good chance you’ll bring me back for book 2. And that’s my reason to get up and create mayhem every morning.
    I suppose I should thank you.

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  1. I clicked to reblog this post, but nothing shows on my site. Do I need to copy/paste or share via the WordPress button?
    I’ve never seen a Reblog option before, not sure how it works. 🙂

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