Monday Motivation: Interview with author Frank Redman

Hi, Frank! Thank you for joining us today. How long have you been writing? I started writing with the intent of writing a novel in 2006.

What inspired your quest to become a writer? I’ve always enjoyed writing, storytelling, and the creative process. Somewhere in the early 2000’s I felt an “urge” to start writing (from God?). I was working sixty-hour weeks in IT management and had a young family. It took me awhile to commit. One day I woke up and thought, I don’t want to wake up one day years from now and think, “What if. . .?”

Tell us a little bit about Elijah! Elijah Raven, 22, possesses an extraordinary gift —-or to him— a curse. He’s simply trying to overcome his past and get by in life. He’s not a thrill-seeking daredevil. His passion is for computers, a relatively safe endeavor. Not adventure. 

 But animals won’t grant his desire for peace. They communicate with him. He doesn’t know how it works, but animals sense that he can understand them. That sounds good, except the animals don’t tell him good things. They tell him about the evil things they see. He wants to mind his own business and reject diving headfirst into unknown dangers against his will. Instead, he’s compelled to get involved.

The call screams when he stumbles upon the abduction of children forced into prostitution by untouchable Corporate Executives, who believe anything that makes money is permissible.

What’s the greatest praise you’ve received about your writing so far? A reader shared with me the story helped her cope with being sexually abused. 

Describe your writing style in three words. Inspiring hope and smiles. The word “and” doesn’t count here. 😉

Your most creative ideas come when. . . I’m writing. I always pray for the Holy Spirit’s guidance and direction before writing or editing session.

Do you have any advice for aspiring writers? A tree bears fruit not for itself, but for others. Write for the benefit for others, not for money/success.  You’ll find your work far more rewarding. If money/success is your goal, you’ll most likely never reach that goal, and you may feel your hard work is all for nothing. And you will have lost out on helping people.

If you could bring one character from Elijah to life, you would choose. . . Either Elijah or Ray for different reasons. My initial thought is Elijah. Though a reluctant hero, his true desire to help people and risk everything in doing so is inspiring. Plus, his gift is amazing. 

Yet Ray has the resources to make a difference on a grand scale. To be able to tap into those resources in the real world would be awesome.

When you aren’t writing, you enjoy. . . Visiting with family and friends, reading, editing the work of other writers. 

About Frank

Frank_008 (1)

Frank Redman worked with his wife at a children’s home for four years before embarking on a twenty-year IT management career. He started writing in 2006 and spent three years studying the craft, alongside a young family and 60-hour work weeks. Dean Koontz became his mentor in 2009. He began writing the novel Elijah in 2012. Then in April 2013, he was diagnosed with an incredibly rare form of brain cancer called gliomatosis cerebri. His expiration date was April 2014. Yet God has blessed him and he’s still here. After taking a year off to deal with treatments and the fear of whether he’d be able to write again, he finished the novel in 2015.

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