Monday Motivation: Interview with Author Jamie Foley

Hi, Jamie! Thank you for joining us today! How long have you been writing? What inspired your quest to become a writer? I’ve only been writing since 2011, but I’ve been dreaming up other worlds since high school… and storytelling, since I apparently won the “Storytelling” award in second grade. (I’m not sure if that was for creativity or creative lying. . . .)

My inspiration comes from the old Star Wars novels, Narnia, Middle Earth, books by Ted Dekker and Frank Peretti, and the natural beauty of our own world.

Tell us a little bit about Sentinel! Sentinel is about a group of gifted humans struggling to survive the breaking of their world— as slaves or free.

The story follows a 16-year-old prankster named Darien on his journey to find his sister, who went missing after a meteor storm crippled the power grid, the global economy, and civilization as they knew it.

But an independent military is after Darien’s sister, too, along with him and any other gifted survivors. To survive, Darien must discover his unique gift— and find a way to get along with his crotchety mentor, who has an unsettling past.

What is the greatest praise you’ve received about your writing so far? Just the fact that I have fangirls. . .of all ages and both genders! My greatest joy comes from young people who devour the Sentinel Trilogy and beg for more. Their excitement and enthusiasm mean I’ve brought joy into their lives— and hopefully a good example of faith, morality, and perseverance in a dark world. I can’t think of higher praise, and I’ll never value an award or a critic’s opinion over that.

If one person is positively affected by my writing, and if the Creator is glorified through it, it’ll all be worth it.

Your most creative ideas come when. . . Β I’m in a quiet space where my mind can’t spaz anywhere else, like the car, the shower, or a hotel or park far away from home. Bonus points if the place has a great view!

Describe your writing style in three words. Fast. Vivid. Intense.

Which author most influenced your writing style? Probably Ted Dekker. I love how he can combine so many facets into one great story— action, romance, horror— all with great pacing, a unique plot, and a happy ending.

But myΒ storytelling was probably most influenced by a childhood stuffed full of C. S. Lewis. πŸ™‚

Do you have any advice for aspiring authors? Write because you love it, not for money. Be patient and consistent– allow yourself several years to learn the craft of writing and accept critiques with grace and gratitude.

Don’t let negative people steal your passion or your joy. And never forget what matters most— the people whose lives you can touch.Β 

If you could bring one fictional character to life, you would choose. . . Mr. Tumnus for a spot of tea. (OK, I’m not really a tea person, but I just love him and Narnia and talking creatures in general.)

Can you give us a teaser about your WIP? In the Sentinel Trilogy book 3, familiar faces return as new villains and heroes. Tera awakens and struggles for control over her futureseeing. Darien and Aleah face the consequences of their decisions. Sorvashti fights to protect her new family as Jet learns the truth about his birth mother.

No one is safe.

When you aren’t writing, you enjoy. . . Video games. . .nerdy TV shows. . .and gardening. Random, I know. And if I get a bit more time in my crazy schedule, I’ll go back to practicing Krav Maga (Israeli self-defense).


About Jamie



Jamie Foley loves strategy games, home-grown berries, and Texas winters. She’s terrified of red wasps and plot holes.

Her husband is her manly cowboy astronaut muse. They live between Austin, TX and their family cattle ranch, where their hyperactive spawnling and wolfpack can run free.









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  1. I’m joining you for tea, Jamie! I love Mr. Tumnus! πŸ˜€ Also, wonderful interview and I love how encouraging you are of writers needing to be patient in learning the craft. Wonderful interview and can’t wait for book three! πŸ™‚

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