The Power of Your Words

You control destinies by your pen. You summon adventure and love and death.

You are the ruler of  worlds that readers can only dream of.

You, my friend, are a writer.

Books offer escape and vision, and you are the one who opens the portal. You show them the path out of the real world and into realms of adventure, and open their eyes to the battle between good and evil.

You are their guide into a world where the reader can be any hero they choose.

It is a great power that your mind and fingers control. Use it wisely. Read and study and grow and learn.  Don’t let yourself become complacent and think that because you have this power, it will always be this way.

Allow your mind to sleep and the portals to your worlds will close little by little until apathy seizes hold.

Writing is magic. . .and the price for possessing this magic is a lifetime of sweat and tears and doubt.

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You have fought hard to reach this point.

You’ve fought hard,  but perhaps you’ve grown weary. Weary of the labor, the responsibility.

But you cannot give up.

You are a storyteller. A dreamer. There are not many like you left in this world, those who dare to take the risks of imagination and explore the untold.

Be bold.

Let your voice be heard. We aren’t here to be silent. You have a message and the world needs to hear it.

Have the courage to ignite your world.

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Until next time. . .happy writing!












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