Am I Really A Writer?

Do you ever feel like other writers hold the key to success? We listen to them describe how their curiosity and creativity accompany them through every waking moment, how their stories never cease to flow through them, how many awards they’ve won.

We listen.

And we grow weak with jealousy.

“How can they already be published? They only started writing last year!”

“My book is just as good!”

Doubts attack until we begin to question the very thing we claim is our purpose in life.

Am I really a writer?

Doubt does not belong in the mind of a child of the King. Who are we to define ourselves by another’s success? God created us with a distinct voice, a distinct purpose, and for a distinct time.

You are the one and only you.

We cannot define ourselves by another's success

But, all too often, we allow our writing to become a mimicry of those we see to be “successful” rather than being true to our own voice. We compromise passion for potential prosperity, authenticity for popularity.

Maybe we create our own writer’s block because we have cut ourselves off from our authentic voice and the stories we are meant to tell.

Forget what others consider to be a success. Instead, find your why. Why do you write? Why do you want to share these stories with others? Why does your writing matter? Be honest. Explore the depths of everything you fear and make yourself vulnerable to your story.

Work hard. Dream long.

And don’t be afraid to fight for your success.

Work hard.Dream long.And don't be afraid to fight for your success..png

So now, sit down. Open your laptop, draw out a pen and paper, or whatever you use to create— and write.

After all, it’s your stories that the world needs.

So why are you waiting?


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Take time to dream. Until next time. . .happy writing!



8 thoughts on “Am I Really A Writer?

Add yours

  1. Oh, yes!!! YOU are a writer! Every time I put down one of your stories, I come away stronger, braver & more determined to be as courageous a Christian as your characters… even unto death. Thank you for writing your heart!

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  2. “Maybe we create our own writer’s block because we have cut ourselves off from our authentic voice and the stories we are meant to tell.”

    So very true! Sometimes we think we might not have the stories that others need to hear. Instead of allowing these stories to flow out of our lives and hearts, we cut them off. As a result, they are never heard and we remain frustrated with ‘writers block.’

    Thank you for your post! Excellent!

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    1. Thank you so much for your insight, David! I have faced this time and time again in my own writing until I was forced to realize I was trying to mimic the success of others.
      Wishing you the best in your writing!

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