Here There Are Dragons: Overcoming the Unknown in Our Fiction

The cartographer dipped his pen into the ink and hesitated. His finger rested on the spot where the words would go, but he could not bring himself to pen it. On the far end of the table, a lone candle smoked into the dimness of the room, twisting the shadows into gruesome monsters of his imagination. . . much like the creatures legend said existed in the empty spaces of his map. He stared into the space where man did not dare to go and where untold dangers had never been explored.

He lowered his pen and wrote in careful letters:

Here there are dragons.

Much like the cartographer’s map, our stories face vast, empty spaces where we fear to go. We feel we must follow a rigid outline, make sure a book is “acceptable” and follows the genre rules. Which leaves us in a tangle: write a predictable, this-had-possibilities story. . .or take our stories off of the map.

Into the realm of danger and dragons.

Will you dare to take your story into the unknown?

Coming Next Week: Motivation Monday: Interview with Speculative Author Ralene Burke


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  1. As much as I love dragons, they are terribly intimidating. I do however love the spontaneity they bring. And coffee. Do they bring coffee?

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