Courageous Pens: Overcoming Fear in Our Writing

There are voices in my head.

Dozens of voices. Clamoring. Demanding. Critiquing.

They are the voices of my future readers, and they are the reason I am afraid to write.

There are days when I want to find some group of Writers Anonymous and blurt out my confession. [Stands on trembling legs and with head bowed. “Hello, my name is Jacqueline and I am a fear addict. I want to write without anyone ever reading my words.” A stunned silence. Accusing glances follow. My guilty heart trembles.]

Sometimes reader critiques are like exploratory surgery. . .without the medicine. They probe too close to our hearts until fear paralyzes our creativity. We want to reach out with the offering of our words, but on the other side of the page are more questions.

What if they don’t like it?

I’m horrible at this.

There is no way I can ever succeed.

At times, writing can be the most demanding profession in the world. We can give in to our terror and close off the channel of creativity within us and live dormant and afraid.

Or we can step boldly into the arms of courage and into the greatest adventure in the world, never fearing the consequences.

Because courage is the only way to destroy fear.

Be bold and follow the direction your story takes you. Don’t eliminate or ignore others’ questions, but instead use their critiques to build. Never allow it to destroy you.

Keep your motivation.



And write that story you were created to tell.

Have you ever received negative feedback? How did you use that feedback to build a stronger story?


Coming Next Week: Motivation Monday: Interview with Action and Adventure Author Brianna Merritt

7 thoughts on “Courageous Pens: Overcoming Fear in Our Writing

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  1. Love this post! Another powerful one that’s for sure! Fear has definitely crippled my writing journey to a point where I just lived with the characters in my head. However, I see the Holy Spirit working in me and giving me courage to not feed those lies with fear (the same questions you asked have haunted me in the waking hours). I’m continuing to let the Holy Spirit work in me so I can embrace this journey with joy and not be afraid to share the stories He’s placed on my heart. ❤

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing, Laura! More and more, I am noticing my tendencies to fear rather than believe, and during those times of fear I completely lose my grip on the story. You are not alone! Let us write courageously together and conquer the world. 🙂

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  2. A long time ago, I got a four-page critique for an eight-page story. The comments were well-meant but completely off the mark. I took a day to get myself together (cried), and then decided that if this one person had so completely misunderstood what I was trying to say, I might need to do a better job of saying it. So I went back and revised. I didn’t follow her suggestions; I told my story, but I think the changes improved it.


    1. This is what I’m trying so hard to learn! It is difficult to share my stories (my secret worlds 😉) with anyone, but critiques have forced me to grow. Thank you for sharing your story, Pam!


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