Once Upon A Dream: My Story

In a land far, far away, lived a girl who didn’t know her dream. She viewed the world through eyes shrouded with mist, for her time had not come, and the portals beyond remained closed and untouched.

The key waited for the only one who could find the portals.

The worlds sat silent and waiting until the day destiny crossed the girl’s path.

The day came at long last. She stood alone at the window, fingers clutching the gift she had just been given. Her fingers brushed across the corners of the notebook, touched the empty, hungry lines of the paper, and the mist dropped from her eyes until she could see her destiny and the gates beyond. She was holding the key that would open countless worlds, and in that moment she knew that the portals would open for her and her alone.

She lowered the pen and began to write, and as the pages filled with words and laughter and tears, the gates to the portals began to open. She did not rouse even when the gates closed behind her. She heard only the voices speaking beyond, speaking through her onto the page until she found the worlds she was born to create. When the story was finished and she finally roused, she found herself slipping out of a world of wonder.

And she wanted nothing more than to return.

A restlessness built within her when she found herself without a notebook in hand, for in those moments the portals were permanently closed and she feared she would never find her way inside again. She buried herself in the smell of paper and ink and let the voices from the other side of the gates summon her back, until she found herself once more crossing into enchanted countries.

She did not reign in those worlds, knew she was nothing more than their scribe, but the allure increased. She sat alone in lonely hours, dreaming until the passageways opened and the ordinary life around her faded. Curious figures were always on hand to greet her upon arrival: knights and princes and pirates and animals with the magic of speech. She coaxed from them their secrets and adventures and fears until her notebooks became heavy with mystery.

In time, as she continued to cross the portals, she realized the secret that had been with her all along, a curse entangled about her from the moment of original discovery. She no longer was human, with a will of her own, with only her own voice to heed, but she too had become a portal.

And the door could be opened only by the key of the words within her.

What about you? What is your writing story?


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